How The Change Happens

SAY tracks all donations to their intended destinations over a transparent platform
by creating a network similar to SWIFT, which helps users to not feel skeptical toward
the result of their donations.
SAY partners up with NGOs, they register all the children under their care in our APP. SAY AI algorithm
”SAY Brain” which is based on International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), matches every donor to a child with a similar personality and create a family for that specific child.
Besides this, donors choose which significant part of their specific child’s life to improve. Donors individually or collectively purchase the children’s needs through affiliate links of well-known and trusted online retailers and track how their donation has made an impact.

Our Trophies

The More We Seek, The More We Get

In October 2018 we won the 1st prize of Startup Live Zagreb and a ticket to the PIONEERS ‘19

SAY was accepted by founder institute, the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator

In March 2019 we were among the 7 teams out of 50, worldwide. who got to the final round of aeternity ventures.

SAY Branches

We are an IT company called "Pendar Ara Hooshmand" (Pendara) which is consisted of a team of developers, designers & specialists full of ideas with the potential to build something from the scratch. Our company was founded 3 years ago & our first attempt was to build the Wiki-Event website. A place with information & notifications of what's going on in urban neighborhoods and to provide the means for the people to announce their events for free on the website. We also carried along with various IT projects, before the idea of SAY appeared and the team decided to focus dedicate their time & effort to nourish this project. Based on what we believe in & understanding what is going on with the children across the world, with the past experiences our team had with NGOs and children of labor, we pursued the idea and started to establish the different departments needed to build this project. And this project only.

Our Team in Iran