How The Change Happens

Our vision is to fight injustice/inequality by making wishes come true while you aid us in making these ambitions fruition on a global scale.

We believe in humanity, we believe in hope, love, passion, and sympathy as the true path to the great change we are aspiring to achieve. The great change that we call SAY.

Our Trophies

The More We Seek, The More We Get

In October 2018 we won the 1st prize of startupLive zagreb and a ticket to the PIONEERS 19

SAY was accepted by founder institute, the world's premier pre-seed startup accelerator

SAY Branches

We are an IT company called "Pendar Ara Hooshmand" (Pendara) which is consisted of a team of developers, designers & specialists full of ideas with the potential to build something from scratch. Our company was founded about 3 years ago & our first attempt was to build the website Wiki-Event. In order for people to get notified of what's going on in their town or neighborhood and to provide the means for them to announce their events for free on the website. We also carried along with various IT projects, before the idea of SAY came to us and our team started to focus on and dedicate their time to this project only. Based on what we believe in and see what is going on with the children across the world, with the experience our team had with the NGOs and children of labor, we pursued the idea and started to establish the different departments needed to build this project.

At the moment our IT developers are working alongside our design & graphics team who are linked straightly to our public relations & communications, team in order to prepare the Application as soon as possible.

Our Team in Iran